0x000 - Intro

0x000 - Intro

Hi, y’all! This is the first post of unzip.dev (a sample), a newsletter dedicated to developer trends, where we unpack trending dev concepts. My name is Agam More, and I’m a developer generalist that loves learning & sharing. Join the ride and have fun!

What is this?

This is the first post, a placeholder of sorts. Get a taste of what the issues look like. The real first issue will be sent to subscribers very soon! Did you make sure to subscribe?


  • Problem: It's cumbersome to be on top of new developer trends.
  • Solution: A developer trends newsletter.
  • Gist: A value-packed developer trends newsletter every few weeks.
Some lava from my last trip to Iceland. Since, you know, hot trends are coming to you like lava ;)

How does it work? 💡

  1. Subscribe to unzip.dev.
  2. I will post a single trend drill-down straight to your inbox every few weeks.

Use cases ✅

  • Busy developers who still want to be updated on the latest trends.
  • Developers that are just plain curious about new dev trends.
  • Indiehackers and founders that want to figure out the next dev trends and how it can benefit them.
  • Product managers that want to know what is possible and be on their game.


  • Who has the time to sift through HN, Reddit, YouTube, Conferences, Webinars...?
  • It's free and there won't any spam.
    • I promise that I will indicate any kind of ad or sponsorship, and no, it won’t affect my choices unfairly.

Why not? 🙅

  • You hate emails, should I publish an RSS feed?
  • You like niche newsletters (I will post about potentially *anything* that relates to developers).
  • You consider everything trendy as hype, and you might be correct ;)

Tools & players 🛠️

  • Console.dev - A complimentary developer tools newsletter.
  • HN - Who doesn't use hacker news?
  • Trends.vc - Not developer-focused, but one of my favorite trend-centic newsletters, let's share the love.
My opinion: I would recommend you subscribe to both ✨.

Forecast 🧞

  • Market adoption: I hope to create a vibrant audience around unzip.dev. Having people getting something tangible out of this hard work.
  • The next big thing: Hopefully, this will help a few people to build it, and don't forget to ping me when that happens ;)


(Extra unrelated things I thought to share)

Github: I’m always on the lookout for new serverless frameworks (this space still has gaps).

Youtube: Interested in web3? - (hopefully, I'll post a future issue on this topic 🤞)


As a developer, it’s really hard to gauge the quality of my writing. It feels like using those old room-sized, punched-card computers where you had to wait all weekend for the results and only then get feedback 😪 So your comments are, truly, most appreciated:

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