Agam More

Agam More

0x00D - Open-source Business Models 💸

Problem: Developers easily adopt open-source, but it’s unclear how to monetize an open-sourced solution. Solution: Using an open-source business model and keeping it sustainable while maintaining high developer adoption.

0x00C - eBPF 🐝

Problem: Extending the kernel safely and easily is hard. Solution: eBPF lets you safely execute bytecode in the Linux kernel without changing the kernel source code or creating a kernel module.

0x00B - Stable Diffusion 🖼️

Problem: Creating art by hand is hard, and using closed-source generative art is only open to a minority group. Solution: An open-source version of DALL-E that generates images automatically from text prompts, which you can run at home.

0x00A - Lattice-based Cryptography 🧮

Problem: Quantum computers will be able to break current cryptography schemes (mainly asymmetric encryption, like RSA) easily. Solution: Use Lattice-based (a mathematical concept) Encryption, which is currently believed to be hard for quantum computers to solve efficiently.