Agam More

Agam More

0x019 - OpenTelemetry 📡

Problem: Keeping an eye on your apps and infrastructure during runtime is a difficult mission. Solution: OpenTelemetry is a standardized framework to generate and process telemetry data, an open-source project under the CNCF.

0x018 - CRDTs 🔃

Problem: It’s hard to resolve consistency in a decentralized system - and it’s even harder to do so without a centralized server. Solution: A bunch of algorithms that enable merging conflicting data into a consistent result, without a centralized server.

0x017 - GitOps ♾️

Problem: “Cowboy engineering” in the infrastructure is manual and error-prone. Solution: Treat your Operations as Code, so your infrastructure is on cruise control.

0x015 - Dev Containers 🍱

Problem: Having consistent development environments shared across developers is difficult. “It works on my machine”. Solution: A reproducible development environment that can be versioned, shared and integrated seamlessly with your IDE.