0x010 - Low Code 🧩

Problem: No-code solutions are bad at handling edge cases, but we still want a fast development cycle. Solution: Take the best aspects of no-code, and sprinkle code where needed to address edge cases and complex needs.

0x00D - Open-source Business Models 💸

Problem: Developers easily adopt open-source, but it’s unclear how to monetize an open-sourced solution. Solution: Using an open-source business model and keeping it sustainable while maintaining high developer adoption.

0x003 - Programmatic SEO 🛺

Problem: Trying to target each query a user might search for in your site is too time-consuming to do manually. Solution: Leverage code to generate landing pages at scale for long-tail keywords, which results in a lot of organic search traffic.

0x002 - Search as a Service 🔍

Problem: Developing robust search functionality for your application is a challenging task. Solution: Outsource the search function to an external (mostly hosted) search service, which includes indexing and sometimes pre-built UI - so you don’t have to build them.