0x01C - Gen UI 🎨

Problem: Current user interfaces aren’t personalized. Solution: AI that generates dynamic UI to fit our user’s request.

0x01B - Differential privacy 🎭

Problem: Getting insights from sensitive data while keeping individual privacy is tricky. Solution: Differential privacy is a mathematical concept that allows for the analysis of sensitive datasets while protecting the privacy of individuals.

0x014 - Vector Databases 🧫

Problem: Advancements in semantic understanding of unstructured data created a treasure trove of meaningful data. But traditional databases cannot efficiently store and query them. Solution: Vector databases specialize in storing high-dimensional vectors, providing efficient querying mechanisms.

0x00B - Stable Diffusion 🖼️

Problem: Creating art by hand is hard, and using closed-source generative art is only open to a minority group. Solution: An open-source version of DALL-E that generates images automatically from text prompts, which you can run at home.