Agam More

Agam More

0x015 - Dev Containers 🍱

Problem: Having consistent development environments shared across developers is difficult. “It works on my machine”. Solution: A reproducible development environment that can be versioned, shared and integrated seamlessly with your IDE.

0x014 - Vector Databases 🧫

Problem: Advancements in semantic understanding of unstructured data created a treasure trove of meaningful data. But traditional databases cannot efficiently store and query them. Solution: Vector databases specialize in storing high-dimensional vectors, providing efficient querying mechanisms.

0x013 - io_uring 🦑

Problem: Syscalls are expensive… Solution: An I/O model that works uniformly across all file types (!) that provides a general-purpose syscall batching mechanism, which cuts down on context switches and syscalls.

0x012 - tRPC 🪢

Problem: It’s hard and bug-prone to share API endpoints (including types) between our server and client. Solution: tRPC leverages TypeScript to share types between the server and client without code generation or schemas.

0x011 - SBOM 📔

Problem: It’s very hard to have visibility into your dependencies and mitigate software supply chain attacks. Solution: A standardized, machine-readable list of components that make up your software.