0x012 - tRPC 🪢

Problem: It’s hard and bug-prone to share API endpoints (including types) between our server and client. Solution: tRPC leverages TypeScript to share types between the server and client without code generation or schemas.

0x00F - WebGPU 🌌

Problem: WebGL (JS API for rendering graphics in browsers) is outdated, not performant, and lacks low-level API access. Solution: Use modern graphic APIs built from the ground up with performance in mind.

0x008 - Jamstack 👾

Hi, y’all! Welcome to the eighth issue of unzip.dev, a newsletter dedicated to developer trends through unpacking trending dev concepts. My name is Agam More, and I’m a developer generalist.

0x003 - Programmatic SEO 🛺

Problem: Trying to target each query a user might search for in your site is too time-consuming to do manually. Solution: Leverage code to generate landing pages at scale for long-tail keywords, which results in a lot of organic search traffic.

0x002 - Search as a Service 🔍

Problem: Developing robust search functionality for your application is a challenging task. Solution: Outsource the search function to an external (mostly hosted) search service, which includes indexing and sometimes pre-built UI - so you don’t have to build them.